Policies & Procedures

Lunch and Fruit Times

At Glandore Community Kindergarten we are passionate about providing an environment that supports and encourages healthy eating for happy, healthy bodies and minds. Don’t forget that a good breakfast is the best start for children each day.

We have two main eating times, a morning fruit time (fruit is stored in your child’s bag in an outside locker), lunch and sometimes an afternoon snack (provided by kindy). Lunch should be packed in the lunchbox (provided by the kindy) and then placed in the black trolley near the kitchen door (each day). It will placed in the children’s fridge (located just inside the storeroom opposite the kitchen) by staff. It is important to name all lunch boxes, drink bottles and inner containers. PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT HEAT/WARM FOOD BECAUSE WE CANNOT MEET THE FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS IN RELATION TO THIS.

Ideas for your child’s morning snack and lunch box could include:

    • Fruit and vegetables for vitamins, minerals and fibre eg. carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, apples, pear, strawberries, bananas & other seasonal fruit.
    • Breads and cereals for body and brain energy and to help fill hungry tummies eg. wholegrain sandwiches, rolls and wraps, pikelets, fruit bread, wholegrain plain savoury biscuits, rice, pasta.
    • Meat and other protein foods for strong muscles eg. lean meat in wholegrain sandwiches or salads, left- over meat based casseroles and pastas.
    • Dairy foods for strong bones eg. cheese slices, cheese in sandwiches, yoghurt with chopped fruit.
    • High fibre foods are good for supporting happy, healthy and regular tummies. Try to include plenty of high fibre foods everyday eg. wholegrain/wholemeal bread or wraps, fruits and vegetables (skin on where possible), grains such as rice, pasta and noodles (try brown or whole grain varieties), and beans and lentils.

Examples of foods not consistent with the healthy eating policy are: plain sweet biscuits and flavoured savoury crackers (eg. Shapes), flavoured rice crackers, Nutella and other chocolate/nut spreads, cakes, chocolates, chips, lollies, muesli bars, fruit straps and bars, fruit juice, cordials. Foods high in salt, sugar and fat are not recommended by dieticians if they are eaten on a regular basis.

Staff promote and model safe and healthy practices around eating times. Children are supervised while they eat.
All children are encouraged to:

      • wash their hands prior to handling any food
      • to be independent in managing their own food
      • to sit down whilst eating in the designated areas
      • to eat the food that you provide but we will not insist that childreneat everything. Lunchtime is an important learning time that should not be stressful or take too long.
      • to drink water from their water bottle or from the water container and cups set up on our veranda. We introduce the Do I need a drink? chart so that children become aware of the link between the colour of their urine and hydration levels
      • to dispose of their own food scraps in the appropriate buckets for recycling and composting.
      • to enjoy the social aspects of having lunch with their peers.
      • to NEVER share food. We respect and value the diverse cultural and/or choices that families make inclusive of vegetarian or vegan dietary needs and ensure that the children themselves learn about each other

We are not able to reheat food brought from home. Food brought from home needs to be stored in our fridge as we adhere to the SA Food handling and storage regulations. However food can be brought to kindy and kept warm in a proper insulated thermos container if you wish. These food thermos style containers are available at Big W and Kmart.

Glandore Kindergarten is a NUT AWARE kindergarten and will have children attending over time that have severe allergies to nuts and nut products. To ensure that these children are not at risk please be diligent in ensuring that nuts and nut products such as peanut butter are not brought into the kindergarten. In addition we have children attending our centre who are severely allergic to other foods or materials. Eggs and seafood are further examples of allergens which may trigger anaphylactic reactions. Additional information will be provided to keep families informed of the current health needs of children. This may affect what can be included in lunches.

Please visit the Department for Education complaint management policies and procedures.


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